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Monday Mindfulness

The children did a brilliant job presenting their assembly on mindfulness to the whole school and parents. They showed techniques to be more mindful and what mindfulness means. We encouraged our audience to join in with us to practise the techniques we were showing them.

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Modern Bronze Age Pots

Today we painted our clay Bronze Beaker pots, we gave them a modern twist by adding some brighter colours to them. The children enjoyed outlining their designs with different coloured paints and using the browns so it still reminded them of the beaker peoples pots which they were inspired by.

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Cooking Carousel

This term in DT we are doing Food technology. Two weeks ago we looked at hygiene and being safe in the kitchen. This week we put some of those to use when we learnt how to chop, whisk, grate, peel and sieve. We will use these skills in later DT sessions to make some delicious food.

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Our Bronze Age pots

On Friday, we looked at using clay and how we can sculpt it into a pot inspired by the Beaker people, the Beaker people came from all over Europe to settle in Britain and gave us Bronze, which is a mix of mined copper and tin.

The children had a go at sculpting and designing pots inspired by the Beaker people. They used clay tools to help them sculpt.