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Our Bronze Age pots

On Friday, we looked at using clay and how we can sculpt it into a pot inspired by the Beaker people, the Beaker people came from all over Europe to settle in Britain and gave us Bronze, which is a mix of mined copper and tin.

The children had a go at sculpting and designing pots inspired by the Beaker people. They used clay tools to help them sculpt.

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Spellings for 02/12/22

This week’s spellings include the prefixes mis- and re-, which we will be exploring in our English lessons this week. Practice the root word before including the prefix in a different colour to help you remember the spelling.

  1. recalculate
  2. rebuild
  3. retry
  4. retake
  5. reapply
  6. reappear
  7. remodel
  8. revisit
  9. misremember
  10. miscalculate