How to use the blog

Commenting on the Blog

Commenting is a really fun way to keep in contact with your teacher and classmates. 

We don’t mind what you comment; a quick hello, a question or something you enjoyed about the activity!

To make comments you need to sign up to the blog with your email address. (You can also sign up using Google, Facebook or Twitter.) 

Click on a post and scroll to the bottom. At the bottom of the post you’ll see this:

Click on the W for wordpress (you might need to click inside the “Enter your comment here” box). You can all sign up using Word press, and some of you have already done so. If you have forgotten your login details or they do not work you can reset it using your school email address.

You all have a school email address and this can be accessed through lgfl mail. (Click here for instructions on how to access your lgfl mail.)

Once you have signed up or reset your login details, you will be able to make comments and you will receive notifications when there are new posts or replies to your comments.

How to Post Videos 

At Heavers Farm and Selsdon schools we create our class blogs using If you have made a video, perhaps for homework, you can share it with us using by the steps below.
STEP ONE – set up a youtube account
• Create a free youtube account on
STEP TWO – make your video
• Make your video using a phone, tablet or camera.
• If you want the video to be used on the blog please do not include video of children either saying their own or on another’s full names or other personal details (e.g. a child coming out of their front door).
STEP THREE – upload your video to youtube
• Many devices allow uploads direct to youtube. If not, upload via your home computer.
• You can upload your video as: (i) private, (ii) unlisted; or (iii) public. To be viewable by the school it must be either “unlisted” or “public”. We make our videos “unlisted” as this allows them to be viewed through our blog but NOT come up in a youtube search.
STEP FOUR – post the video URL to the blog
• Log into youtube and select “Video Manager” from the top bar menu.
• Click on the button to “Edit” your video.
• Copy the “Video URL” (it will look something like this
• Paste this URL into a comment on either the school blog or your child’s class blog.


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