Summer 1

In Summer 1 our theme is Environment.

In English, they will be learning to write a leaflet about something that interests them and some short story writing. In Maths, the children will be learning about shapes and angles and measure.

In Art, the children are looking at Megan Coyle and how she created her art using magazines to create painting like pictures.the children will bet learning how to create collages from recycled paper. They will be creating collages inspired by issues in the environment. In DT, they will be learning about textile, we are learning to sew a bag from their old clothes. In Music, we are looking at the sound to symbol approach and will be using the song Do, Re,Mi to help us. In Spanish, we are leaning how to describe people, learning numbers 11-20 and answer questions using numbers.

In PSHE, they will be learning about relationship. About identify positive and negative relationships, to identify bullying behaviour and to understand importance of self-respect. In RE, we are learning about Why we should care for the world?

In Geography, In Geography, we are looking at where the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn and Equator are in an atlas and what countries around these places are like. In History, we have moved on to the Romans, we will look at their invasion of Britain and how life changed for Britain. In Science, we will be looking at rocks, the different types and discussing rock formation. In Computing, we are looking at branching databases.

Summer 2

In Summer 2 our theme is LGBTQ+