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Soil Detectives

Today Ruby class were investigating soil to find out what it is, why we need soil and how it is formed.

We went into the garden to find out more. The children had fun discovering what lives in soil and what it consists of. In class we sorted through trays of soil and found snails, woodlice and other creepy crawlies amongst the organic matter.

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Sorting and Classifying Rocks

A new term means a new topic! In Science, we are exploring Rocks and Volcanoes and spent our first lesson observing, classifying and analysing different kinds of rocks. We will be learning more about how they form and even more across this topic, which will be very exciting!

Comment below: What would you like to know about rocks?

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May the Magnetic force be with you!

This term we are studying magnets and forces. This week, the children investigated whether or not some materials are magnetic. They had to decide in groups what was the best way to complete the investigation and then record their results. They also had fun exploring the classroom looking for magnetic objects.

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Science: Does a Shadow Get Bigger When the Light Source is Further Away?

To wrap up our Science topic this term, we investigated how a light source affects shadows. We learned that shadows are made when light is blocked by an opaque object, but we needed to investigate if the distance of the light source affected the size of the shadow too.

We found out:
Benjamin: “My prediction was right because when we put the torch further from the blocks, the shadow got smaller.”
Sukaina: “The closer the light gets, the bigger the shadow will get.”
Florence: “I found that the closer the light is, the bigger the shadow is.”

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Science: The Effects of UV Light

Today, we revealed our results from our experiment on the effects of ultraviolet light. Peeling back the opaque, black card, we found that the blue sugar paper was dark underneath! This is because the UV rays from the sun had damaged the paper that wasn’t protected by the black card.

Did your prediction come true? Comment below!

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Getting Those Muscles Moving!

In Year 3, we’ve been exploring the human body. This week, we learned about muscles and tendons before seeing them in action. We participated in different activities that worked each of the muscles around our bodies, from biceps to quadriceps.

Following that, we set up for and investigated how different body parts work. We explored four different investigation questions:
• Do people with longer legs run faster?
• Can shorter people do a forward roll faster?
• Do people with smaller feet balance better?
• Can people with longer arms throw further?

What did you find out? Comment below!