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Continuing our Reading Adventures!

Last term, it was lovely to get to know that Year 3 are keen, avid readers who have enjoyed a wide range of books that we have at school. It has been insightful to read the comments from home about the books children have been reading and it would be fantastic to continue our reading adventures this term.

Please remember to bring in your Reading Diary every day so that your class teacher can read the comments and offer support with home reading (and stamp in Merits!).

Reading is absolutely fundamental and can be a passageway to exciting ideas and exploring our imaginations. This term, your child will be bringing home not one, but two books each day: A banded book (which they can read to you) and a non-banded book (which you can enjoy together!).

There are some free resources available for e-books, too, if this is how you’d rather access books at home. Oxford Owl has a fabulous range of books available at different book band, so if you’ve finished your banded book, the possibilities are endless: (Sign up for free to access the books)

Ready to read? Great! Here are some tips to make sure that reading is exciting at home:

1. Make time to read – at least ten minutes a day makes a huge difference!
2. Find a lovely, comfortable spot to relax and read.
3. Grab a drink or a healthy snack – Think of it as a film in your mind!
4. Choose different types of books, newspapers or comics.
5. Don’t like what you’re reading so far? Change it!
6. Take turns when reading.
7. Talk about the book and ask your child questions about it.
8. Pay attention to the language. Have you spotted any new, exciting vocabulary?
9. Relax and enjoy the moment. Reading isn’t a task, it is a chance to unwind and lose yourself in a book!