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What Was Stonehenge Built For?

This afternoon, Year 3 explored the different theories that surround the mysterious Stonehenge. We read through the range of evidence available and thought like historians to come to our own conclusions about it.

We also had a go at building our own miniature versions of Stonehenge, which didn’t take nearly as long as the pre-historic people would have taken (They took over 1000 years to finish Stonehenge!) and with much smaller resources. Did you know that the stones used are over 4m tall and 4000kg – Colossal, indeed!

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Hidden Figures in Black History Workshop

We had an exciting day exploring Black History in assembly, following by a fantastic workshop that focused on lesser-known or ‘hidden figures’ in Black British History.

Thank you Paige for such an informative session. Year 3 were so excited to share their newfound knowledge when we went back to our class!

Are there any other ‘Hidden Figures’ that you could find out about? Research about them or the people we talked about today and bring in the information on a poster to share with the class!

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Stone Age Discoveries!

Year 3 travelled back over two and a half million years into the Stone Age this afternoon!

We read ‘The First Drawing’ before looking at photos of cave paintings to inspire our own drawings and used crayons to recreate the images we saw. We were very excited to start our History topic!

What would you like to learn about about the Stone Age this term?

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Roman Day: Tuesday, 7th June!

We’re going to launch our Summer 2 learning with a Roman Day! Children are invited to come into school dressed up as a Roman citizen. Some ideas for costumes can be found above – grab a white t-shirt and wrap a belt around it for an easy go-to, or add a pop of colour with a scarf. The possibilities are endless! We look forward to seeing everyone’s fantastic costumes when we return from Half Term!

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Stoneage Builders

Last half term, we were looking at the Stoneage and how life changed through the different periods. We looked at how housing changed from caves, to tents made of animal hide to stone houses with straw roofs.

We made our own sculptures of the style of houses of the Neolithic period of the Stoneage. We learnt how to score the pieces of clay and wet it a bit so it stuck together and didn’t fall apart. We used lots of different techniques such as rolling it into a ball, rolling it into a sausage, cutting it and making holes in it and sticking it back together.

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Kickstarting the Topic Stone Age Style

This term, we’re heading even further back into the past to explore prehistoric times, particularly surrounding the Stone Age. This morning we braved the chilly conditions to use crayons to create our own colourful cave drawings – We hope you enjoyed viewing the drawings in our Stone Age Gallery this afternoon and if you weren’t able to visit the gallery, you can see some of our fantastic work below:

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Researching Female NASA Scientists

This morning, we’ve been busy with researching two well-known women who worked for NASA: Katherine Johnson (1918 – 2020) and Mae Jemison (1956 – Present). We are going to explore the similarities and differences in their lives, which will inform our biography writing in the next couple of weeks.

Comment below a fact you have learned about either Katherine Johnson or Mae Jemison!