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Where in the World are the Tropics?

This term, we’re furthering our atlas and map skills by exploring the lines of longitude and latitude, among other key words you may have seen popping up in our spelling words. Last week, we discussed the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn (which we also learned were named because of which constellation the Earth was facing at the time!) and the Tropic region.

We found out that not all locations on the Equator are hot, in fact, we learned that a particular mountain in Kenya is quite the opposite. Can you name it in the comments?

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X marks the spot

In Geography we are looking at fieldwork and drawing maps of the school. The children have gone around the school looking at the buildings and how many rooms we have. They then used cubes to block out the shape of the buildings and then draw around them. They then created a key and labelled their maps.

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Stoneage Builders

Last half term, we were looking at the Stoneage and how life changed through the different periods. We looked at how housing changed from caves, to tents made of animal hide to stone houses with straw roofs.

We made our own sculptures of the style of houses of the Neolithic period of the Stoneage. We learnt how to score the pieces of clay and wet it a bit so it stuck together and didn’t fall apart. We used lots of different techniques such as rolling it into a ball, rolling it into a sausage, cutting it and making holes in it and sticking it back together.

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Mapping Out Europe

In Geography, we’ve been discussing the countries and geographical features across Europe. We explored the capital cities and recapped the difference between physical and human features, before creating our own key to reference when locating rivers, mountains and lakes on our own maps of Europe!

After mapping out the different features, we challenged ourselves as a whole class to locate 42 different European countries, which we were able to do!
Well done, Onyx Class!!