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What Makes a Good Poem?

This term, we are exploring poetry in English, but what makes a good poem? Yesterday, we looked at a wide range of poems, from limericks to acrostics, which all follow their own set of rules.

As a class, Onyx decided that a good poem includes:

  • A fun title
  • Rhymes
  • A theme
  • Interesting new vocabulary
  • A rhythm
  • Paragraphs/stanzas

As well as exploring different poems, we’ve been keeping a keen eye out for interesting vocabulary and using a dictionary to find the definitions. Our Working Wall is filled to the brim with exciting words – Comment below your favourite words that you have discovered this week!

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Following Instructions Isn’t Always Easy!

This morning, Onyx Class explored imperative verbs through giving and receiving instructions. We had to make sure that our instructions were clear and concise, with a clear task set out in mind, which weren’t always easy to follow!

After some revisions and working with our friends, we were able to give short, clear instructions for how to wash our toys using a sponge and soapy water.

How many different synonyms for wash can you think of to comment below?

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Proud to be Me!

This afternoon in Onyx Class, we proudly celebrated us! We reflected on the past year through poetry and speeches, proudly sharing our favourite moments from Year 3. It has been a very busy year and it was lovely to hear what all of the children are proud of.

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Roman Day: Tuesday, 7th June!

We’re going to launch our Summer 2 learning with a Roman Day! Children are invited to come into school dressed up as a Roman citizen. Some ideas for costumes can be found above – grab a white t-shirt and wrap a belt around it for an easy go-to, or add a pop of colour with a scarf. The possibilities are endless! We look forward to seeing everyone’s fantastic costumes when we return from Half Term!

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So How DO You Wash a Woolly Mammoth?

Last week, we read How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth by Michelle Robinson. This week, we used the text to create our own set of instructions to inform readers how to wash a woolly mammoth using time conjunctions, imperative verbs and descriptive language.

Check out some of Onyx Class’s fantastic double-page spreads below!

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What Sounds Does the Dark Make?

According to Year 3, the dark makes plenty of noises! We used soundscapes to describe what happened in each chapter of the book ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark’, which included fireworks, hoots and shooting stars!

All of these exciting soundscapes will influence our descriptive writing later this week, which we look forward to turning into poems.

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Get Caught Reading: Well Done Onyx Class!

During Half Term, Year 3 held a reading competition across all of the classes across the federation of Heavers Farm and Selsdon Primary Schools.

We had an exciting range of submissions, from children bringing their books to read at Oxygen, while climbing trees, reading to pets or simply taking a break from exploring a castle to have a nose in a novel.

Team Year 3 really enjoyed seeing all of the different ways the children were caught reading and hope to have more exciting competitions such as this one in the future.

Well done to Onyx Class for having the most entries at Heavers Farm and to Lucy for winning the book voucher with her exciting photos!

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Class Questionnaires

Today in English, we created a questionnaire to fill in about ourselves ready to begin writing our own autobiographies next week! We will use the information we research, as well as all of the exciting new language features we have learned this week for our exciting project.

Please make sure to bring it back on Monday. If you need another copy of your questionnaire, please see below for Ruby, Onyx and Jet’s class questionnaires.

Have a lovely weekend!