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Show and Tell Bags

Last week Ruby Class brought in their favourite bags from home.

This term we will be designing and making our own bags for school, and as inspiration we shared our own bags.

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Recipe for Fruit Salad

We made some ”berry” delicious fruit salads a few weeks back, using our knife skills we learn last half term. We mixed in lots of tasty fruits and had a tasty and healthy treat to take home.

“Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.”

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Perfecting Pizzas in Onyx Class!

Last Friday, we ended the week with a firm favourite: Pizza!
Except this time, we used all of our knowledge of nutrition, grating and chopping from this term to create our own using pitta bread as a base, before piling high the toppings.

Well done to everyone – the pizzas looked delicious!

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Pizza Parlour

Ruby class had lots of fun practicing their cutting and grating skills whilst creating their very own pizzas. The children brought in a variety of their own toppings including mushrooms, mozzarella, spinach and chicken to create their own masterpieces. I’m sure they tasted as good as they looked!

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Welcome to Jet class pizzeria!

Jet class pizzeria is now open for orders!

We have studied nutrition all term and have learnt lots about healthy eating and being safe in the kitchen! We have looked at where food comes from and why certain foods are better for us. Our pizzas used our grating and chopping skills that we learnt in the first half term.

Bon appetite!

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Fruity Goodness

Ruby class have been practicing their chopping and peeling skills by making their own fruit salad. We included apples, pears, mandarin oranges, grapes and pineapple.

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Fruit Salad Fun!

Last Friday, we had a go at creating a fruit salad using the cutting, chopping and dicing skills we’ve previously practiced. Our fruit salads looked delicious!

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Project: Build a park

In DT this term, we have been looking at designing a park using freestanding structures. And after weeks of research, the children were able to design, plan and draw a birdseye view of their parks two weeks ago and have built a 3D model of their parks, using joins and attachments they had learnt, they were able to create sturdy structures that fit the design brief given to them.

The completed parks below

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Studying Structures

We’ve been very busy in D&T today! We used a range of materials to explore different structures and suitable shapes that meet the purpose of our designs.

After exploring creating structures using different materials, we learned that a structure can be made stronger with three helpful tips:
• Make sure that you have a strong foundation (base).
• Triangles are stronger than squares.
• Don’t stick bricks directly on top of each other.

… All of this helpful research will definitely help us with our project in upcoming weeks, though we definitely had some fun along the way!

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Building Bridges

Last week, we explored structures in Design and Technology. We researched different bridges and their purposes, before designing our own and building them as a group. After building them, we tested how sturdy our structures were.