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Studying Structures

We’ve been very busy in D&T today! We used a range of materials to explore different structures and suitable shapes that meet the purpose of our designs.

After exploring creating structures using different materials, we learned that a structure can be made stronger with three helpful tips:
• Make sure that you have a strong foundation (base).
• Triangles are stronger than squares.
• Don’t stick bricks directly on top of each other.

… All of this helpful research will definitely help us with our project in upcoming weeks, though we definitely had some fun along the way!

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Building Bridges

Last week, we explored structures in Design and Technology. We researched different bridges and their purposes, before designing our own and building them as a group. After building them, we tested how sturdy our structures were.

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DT – Home Learning

Hello everyone!

In today’s DT lesson, we will be building our model structures!

Let’s remind ourselves of the scenario from our last lesson.


For your plenary, we would like you to think back when you were building your tepee and explain what went well during the making/ building process.


Watch the video below to help you build your structure.

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DT – Home Learning


We hope you and your family are keeping safe.

Here is todays DT lesson!

Today, you will be designing a Tepee shelter for Stig!

What materials would have been available to Stone Age people to make a solid structure and build a Tepees?

Make a list of these materials.

Before starting your design you need to understand WMAG Design

When designing your tepee think about how you are going to support it so that it is free-standing. Remember a free-standing structure means a structure that stands on it own foundation without attachment to anything else.

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DT – Home Learning

LI: I can describe Stone Age homes and how they changed over time.

Key words for this lesson are:






This term we will be look at stone age period. Over the next couple of DT lessons we will look at the stone age shelters and houses.

Here are some questions to think about during this session:

Why are shelters important?

What do houses look like today?

What is important when it comes to building a house?

Stone Age people lived in different types of house/shelters. They first lived in caves then huts and tepees. The frame was made from wood and covered with animal skin or tree bark, some used mammoth bones, tusks and skin. In the last stages of the Neolithic Stone Age period, people built homes with foundations using stones. The walls were made from stone, wattle and daub which had thatched roof. These homes show that people began to settle in one place instead of moving around. Why might this be?

Find out more about the types of materials used to build some of these shelters by clicking below.

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DT Home Learning

Key words

Balanced diet




Dairy products

Fruits and vegetables

Fats and sugars

Today, you are going to learn about the importance of the five food groups.

It is important to eat a range of foods from across all five core food groups because when consumed in appropriate portions, research shows that we are appropriately able to meet our nutritional needs for general health and wellbeing.

So, what are the five main food groups and what types of food are included in them?

The first group is called Carbohydrates. Foods that are high in carbohydrates are bread, pasta and potatoes.

The next group is dairy. Milk and cheese are examples of food in this group

Another food group is called fats and sugar. Foods in this group are sweets and crips.

Then we have the protein food groups. Fish, eggs and meat like chicken are in the protein group.

Finally, we have the fruit and vegetables food group. Foods in this group are carrots, strawberries, tomatoes and peas.


Water has an essential role to play in our diet.

Water helps us to digest our food and get rid of waste. Water is the main ingredient in perspiration, also called sweat. Besides being an important part of the fluids in our body, water is needed by each cell in our body to work.


Create an eat well plate and select food for each food group. Then label the different sections and the different foods.


Explain the importance of a balanced diet.

If you need help have a look at the example below.