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Sending Friends an Email

As part of our Computing learning, Year 3 have been exploring the features of our email accounts. This week, we created a contact list to email and then practiced replying to any emails we received.

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What has been your favourite part of your learning this term?

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Busy Beebots

We learnt to use directional language with the Beebots today. Jet class learnt how to create shapes like squares or rectangles using turns and steps. In groups they practised how to use the Beebot and tried to complete an obstacle course and programming them to complete it successfully. It took many tries and eventually a whole class effort to get the Beebot corruptly across the course.

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Programming an Algorithm

Today, Year 3 have been exploring algorithms further by thinking about and applying them to different programmes. First, we explored BeeBots and challenged ourselves into creating different ways to make them travel across our groups. Then, we used LightBot to problem solve and debug our programming to complete a range of paths.

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How Do Algorithms Work?

Just ask Year 3! Today we became experts in explaining, debugging and writing our own algorithms, using Lego and flowcharts. We learned that the a good way to write an algorithm is to create the first part of our desired outcome, then write our first step, before moving on to the second step and the rest of the sequence.

How many algorithms do you notice in your day-to-day life? Comment below!

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Onyx Class: Love Myself

In Onyx Class, we have been writing positive affirmations about ourselves.
Here are some of the things that we love about ourselves:

Princess: I am a kind person.
Amelia: I am creative.
Amari C: I will always care for my friends.
Amari D: I am careful with my games.
Anais-Elise: I am a really, really good friend that is calm.
Edward: I am kind.
Saphire: I am so so so so happy and kind to people.
Taylor: I am lovely to everybody.
Iman: I am so kind to people.
Isaac: I am a friend to the people in my class.
Tatenda: I think of positive thoughts.
Daud: I am funny.
Benjamin: I am smart.
Lucy: I am kind.
Davide: I am friendly.
Jacob: I am honest.
Harleigh: I am nice.
Florence: I am always nice to my family.
Alisha: I am wonderful.
Phoeve: I am fun.
Alan: I am kind to my family and friends.