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Proud to be Me!

This afternoon in Onyx Class, we proudly celebrated us! We reflected on the past year through poetry and speeches, proudly sharing our favourite moments from Year 3. It has been a very busy year and it was lovely to hear what all of the children are proud of.

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Sports Day 2022

Sports Day was eventful, to say the least! This year, all of the children who participated in the different events and races gave it their absolute all and beyond. Here are some of the photos from Sports Day 2022.

We’re very proud of our relay racers, who did incredibly well on behalf of the class. Well done to Zephaniah House (Green) for winning overall by scoring the most points across the eight events in Onyx Class! We’re all looking forward to the overall result soon!

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Roman Day: Tuesday, 7th June!

We’re going to launch our Summer 2 learning with a Roman Day! Children are invited to come into school dressed up as a Roman citizen. Some ideas for costumes can be found above – grab a white t-shirt and wrap a belt around it for an easy go-to, or add a pop of colour with a scarf. The possibilities are endless! We look forward to seeing everyone’s fantastic costumes when we return from Half Term!

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Sending Friends an Email

As part of our Computing learning, Year 3 have been exploring the features of our email accounts. This week, we created a contact list to email and then practiced replying to any emails we received.

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What has been your favourite part of your learning this term?

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Do Re Mi… Fa So How Does it Go?

In Music, we have been exploring how symbols can be used to create sounds. We were inspired by The Sound of Music’s ‘Do Re Mi’ to match the symbols to the different notes in the song.

Can you remember the order and how high the notes go?

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Where in the World are the Tropics?

This term, we’re furthering our atlas and map skills by exploring the lines of longitude and latitude, among other key words you may have seen popping up in our spelling words. Last week, we discussed the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn (which we also learned were named because of which constellation the Earth was facing at the time!) and the Tropic region.

We found out that not all locations on the Equator are hot, in fact, we learned that a particular mountain in Kenya is quite the opposite. Can you name it in the comments?