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Getting Those Muscles Moving!

In Year 3, we’ve been exploring the human body. This week, we learned about muscles and tendons before seeing them in action. We participated in different activities that worked each of the muscles around our bodies, from biceps to quadriceps.

Following that, we set up for and investigated how different body parts work. We explored four different investigation questions:
• Do people with longer legs run faster?
• Can shorter people do a forward roll faster?
• Do people with smaller feet balance better?
• Can people with longer arms throw further?

What did you find out? Comment below!

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Studying Structures

We’ve been very busy in D&T today! We used a range of materials to explore different structures and suitable shapes that meet the purpose of our designs.

After exploring creating structures using different materials, we learned that a structure can be made stronger with three helpful tips:
• Make sure that you have a strong foundation (base).
• Triangles are stronger than squares.
• Don’t stick bricks directly on top of each other.

… All of this helpful research will definitely help us with our project in upcoming weeks, though we definitely had some fun along the way!

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Mapping Out Europe

In Geography, we’ve been discussing the countries and geographical features across Europe. We explored the capital cities and recapped the difference between physical and human features, before creating our own key to reference when locating rivers, mountains and lakes on our own maps of Europe!

After mapping out the different features, we challenged ourselves as a whole class to locate 42 different European countries, which we were able to do!
Well done, Onyx Class!!

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Researching Female NASA Scientists

This morning, we’ve been busy with researching two well-known women who worked for NASA: Katherine Johnson (1918 – 2020) and Mae Jemison (1956 – Present). We are going to explore the similarities and differences in their lives, which will inform our biography writing in the next couple of weeks.

Comment below a fact you have learned about either Katherine Johnson or Mae Jemison!

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Shades of History

Wow! What a creative Friday afternoon we’ve had in Year 3! We explored various ways to shade, gradually creating gradients and exploring how to use our pencils accurately before we sketched each other. We practiced using our new shading techniques, while inspired by sketches of Fanny Eaton, a Jamaican-born model from the 1840s.

Team Year 3 were very impressed with our talented classes – We’re looking forward to even more exciting Art projects in future!

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Class Questionnaires

Today in English, we created a questionnaire to fill in about ourselves ready to begin writing our own autobiographies next week! We will use the information we research, as well as all of the exciting new language features we have learned this week for our exciting project.

Please make sure to bring it back on Monday. If you need another copy of your questionnaire, please see below for Ruby, Onyx and Jet’s class questionnaires.

Have a lovely weekend!

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Building Bridges

Last week, we explored structures in Design and Technology. We researched different bridges and their purposes, before designing our own and building them as a group. After building them, we tested how sturdy our structures were.

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Amazing Onyx

Hi everyone!

I hope you are having a fantastic day.

It’s been wonderful teaching you this year and I would like to know what your favourite subject? Don’t forget to explain your reasons!

Looking forward to your replies.

Mr Pabbi

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Onyx – PE

Today in PE we learnt about Judo and practised a few simple techniques. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

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