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Getting Those Muscles Moving!

In Year 3, we’ve been exploring the human body. This week, we learned about muscles and tendons before seeing them in action. We participated in different activities that worked each of the muscles around our bodies, from biceps to quadriceps.

Following that, we set up for and investigated how different body parts work. We explored four different investigation questions:
• Do people with longer legs run faster?
• Can shorter people do a forward roll faster?
• Do people with smaller feet balance better?
• Can people with longer arms throw further?

What did you find out? Comment below!

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Class Questionnaires

Today in English, we created a questionnaire to fill in about ourselves ready to begin writing our own autobiographies next week! We will use the information we research, as well as all of the exciting new language features we have learned this week for our exciting project.

Please make sure to bring it back on Monday. If you need another copy of your questionnaire, please see below for Ruby, Onyx and Jet’s class questionnaires.

Have a lovely weekend!

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Goodbye Year 3 – Jet

A huge, huge WELL DONE to Jet Class for their hard work this year.

I have been very lucky to teach such a brilliant class and I wish everybody the best of luck next year.

Enjoy a very, very well-deserved break.

Mr. Rushton

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Sports Day! (Jet Class Pictures)

Tuesday was Sports Day!

Due to the weather, unfortunately we weren’t able to go to Croydon Arena. However, we will played lots of different games and events on the outdoor ‘MUGA’ at school.

Big congratulations go to Jet Class for winning the Year 3 class relay race!

And another big congratulations to King house (Red) for winning the team events, beating Ennis house (Green) by just one point!

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Jet Class Scientists and Mosaics

This week in Jet Class, we became scientists planning and investigating the power of forces. Children planned an experiment and made predictions about how the pull and pushes of gravity and friction would slow a car down on different surfaces!

In Art, we have been exploring the mosaic style of art work as part of our Ancient Greece project theme. Children loved sharing their latest ideas from their sketch books!

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Ancient Greece in Jet Class

On Monday, we launched our new Ancient Greece project theme.

Many children dressed up as Greek citizens or warriors; we tried writing our names in Greek and answering maths questions in Greek numbers.

At the end of the day, we got everyone together for a lovely class photo. Say hello to Ancient Greek Jet Class!

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Jet Class – Sewing and Scratch!

It’s been so nice to have a full half-term in the classroom. This week has also been extra special for some pupils (and staff!) who have celebrated Eid.

Children have continued to work hard toward their puppets project. At the end of the half-term, children will be performing their own puppet show using hand-made puppets, their own scripts and self-made theatres, all based on the book The Wolves in the Walls.

The theme also makes its way into other subjects like Computing where children have been learning to code on Scratch Jr. Children loved making their own scenes of the story on Scratch Jr; it was loads of fun and children learnt lots of programming skills.

In Design and Technology of Friday, children began sewing their own finger puppets. Take a look at the photos below to see the wonderful range of characters on show!

Have a good weekend, Jet Class!

Mr. Rushton

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Jet Puppet Performers

This week, Year 3 launched our new project theme Puppets!

We began the week by watching a few famous puppet shows including Punch & Judy and The Muppet Show. Then we made some simple stick puppets so we could perform scenes from our English book, The Wolves in the Walls.

Here are some pictures from our first puppet shows (I’m holding the backgrounds, children and performing using their stick puppets!).

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Jet Class Returns!

Welcome back Jet Class!

Hopefully you had chance to enjoy the Easter break and start to enjoy the sun. This half-term, I aim to get much better at keeping the blog updated each week to show off the lovely work Jet class have been doing in school.

Take a look at some of the wonderful Henri Matisse-style animals we created in Art. I also included some pictures from the spooky skeletons we made during our English lessons. Children created cotton-bud skeletons and wrote down each step on Post-it notes so they could write their own set of instructions in English.

Matisse-Style Animals!
Creating cotton-bud skeletons to help make instructions