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The coronation!

Last weekend, we celebrated the coronation of King Charles the III and Queen Consort Camilla.Charles was crowned on a rainy day, just like when his mother was crowned 74 years ago. It was a regal ceremony, people from all over the common wealth came to help him celebrate.

In art last Friday, we did some art work in celebration of the coronation, inspired by our artist Megan Coyle. We used magazine strips to create collages in the shape of the Kings head.

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Modern Bronze Age Pots

Today we painted our clay Bronze Beaker pots, we gave them a modern twist by adding some brighter colours to them. The children enjoyed outlining their designs with different coloured paints and using the browns so it still reminded them of the beaker peoples pots which they were inspired by.

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Our Bronze Age pots

On Friday, we looked at using clay and how we can sculpt it into a pot inspired by the Beaker people, the Beaker people came from all over Europe to settle in Britain and gave us Bronze, which is a mix of mined copper and tin.

The children had a go at sculpting and designing pots inspired by the Beaker people. They used clay tools to help them sculpt.

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I Spy Some Dragon Eyes!

Have a look at the spectacular dragon eyes Onyx Class have created this term! They have worked hard with sketching, planning colours, carving and finally painting their incredible work and are really proud of their final designs.

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Stoneage Builders

Last half term, we were looking at the Stoneage and how life changed through the different periods. We looked at how housing changed from caves, to tents made of animal hide to stone houses with straw roofs.

We made our own sculptures of the style of houses of the Neolithic period of the Stoneage. We learnt how to score the pieces of clay and wet it a bit so it stuck together and didn’t fall apart. We used lots of different techniques such as rolling it into a ball, rolling it into a sausage, cutting it and making holes in it and sticking it back together.

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Kickstarting the Topic Stone Age Style

This term, we’re heading even further back into the past to explore prehistoric times, particularly surrounding the Stone Age. This morning we braved the chilly conditions to use crayons to create our own colourful cave drawings – We hope you enjoyed viewing the drawings in our Stone Age Gallery this afternoon and if you weren’t able to visit the gallery, you can see some of our fantastic work below:

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Shades of History

Wow! What a creative Friday afternoon we’ve had in Year 3! We explored various ways to shade, gradually creating gradients and exploring how to use our pencils accurately before we sketched each other. We practiced using our new shading techniques, while inspired by sketches of Fanny Eaton, a Jamaican-born model from the 1840s.

Team Year 3 were very impressed with our talented classes – We’re looking forward to even more exciting Art projects in future!