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Online Reading Diaries

Dear parents/carers,

From this Monday 18th October 2021, Year 3 will be introducing the children to a new online system of recording daily reading on Seesaw designed to replace the traditional Reading diaries.

Each day your child will complete a page of the diary, this will include writing about their book, a video or voice recording of themselves reading the book aloud and even a picture of the cover of their favourite page if they wish.

Please encourage your child to complete the diary daily and save in DRAFT form before submitting the completed diary at the end of the week.

We would love to see/hear from the children what they have enjoyed reading at home, this could be anything including non-fiction, fiction, poetry or anything across all genres.

Happy Reading!

Year 3 Team

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Playground Design

This half term Year 3 will be exploring free-standing structures in DT. This week Ruby class created a mood board of their ideas including equipment, colours and other features that they would like to see in their idea playground.

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Bones Bones Bones!

This week Ruby class have been learning about animal classification and the purpose of a skeletal system. We found out that animals including humans have endothermic, exothermic or hydrostatic skeletons and that animals can be classified as invertebrates or vertebrates.

The children recreated a human skeleton to demonstrate their understanding.

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Shape Art

In Art we took inspiration from the French artist, Henri Matisse, in particular his technique of ‘painting with scissors’ and one of his most famous pieces, The Snail.

Ruby class used their knowledge of 2D shapes to produce beautiful artwork based on an animal theme.

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A great start for Ruby Class!

Over the past two weeks it has been a pleasure to see how well the children have settled into life in Year 3 and into Ruby Class.

As you can see from the photos, the children have been working hard to show what they know about 2D and 3D shapes.

Please keep checking the blog for more updates throughout the year.

Best Wishes,

Mrs Salim.