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What Sounds Does the Dark Make?

According to Year 3, the dark makes plenty of noises! We used soundscapes to describe what happened in each chapter of the book ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark’, which included fireworks, hoots and shooting stars!

All of these exciting soundscapes will influence our descriptive writing later this week, which we look forward to turning into poems.

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Science: The Effects of UV Light

Today, we revealed our results from our experiment on the effects of ultraviolet light. Peeling back the opaque, black card, we found that the blue sugar paper was dark underneath! This is because the UV rays from the sun had damaged the paper that wasn’t protected by the black card.

Did your prediction come true? Comment below!

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Building a New Playground

After weeks of the research and design process, we worked in groups to create our own 3D models of a playground. We used a range of joins and attachments to ensure that our models were sturdy, as well as bright colours to appeal to our target audience.

We worked really well to design our playgrounds and look forward to evaluating them next week. Check out our completed playgrounds below:

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Year 3 Assembly – Disability Awareness

Well done Year 3! Our school assembly on this term’s theme (Disability Awareness) went very well, despite some technical difficulties. Well done for being so resilient and persevering without a microphone and using your loudest voices. During the assemble, we shared some of our kindness pledges from PSHE, as well as discussing how the main character Auggie felt in our book ‘We Are All Wonders’ before sharing why we’re all wonders with some fantastic poems!

See below for some of the poems from Onyx Class:

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Get Caught Reading: Well Done Onyx Class!

During Half Term, Year 3 held a reading competition across all of the classes across the federation of Heavers Farm and Selsdon Primary Schools.

We had an exciting range of submissions, from children bringing their books to read at Oxygen, while climbing trees, reading to pets or simply taking a break from exploring a castle to have a nose in a novel.

Team Year 3 really enjoyed seeing all of the different ways the children were caught reading and hope to have more exciting competitions such as this one in the future.

Well done to Onyx Class for having the most entries at Heavers Farm and to Lucy for winning the book voucher with her exciting photos!

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Onyx Class: Love Myself

In Onyx Class, we have been writing positive affirmations about ourselves.
Here are some of the things that we love about ourselves:

Princess: I am a kind person.
Amelia: I am creative.
Amari C: I will always care for my friends.
Amari D: I am careful with my games.
Anais-Elise: I am a really, really good friend that is calm.
Edward: I am kind.
Saphire: I am so so so so happy and kind to people.
Taylor: I am lovely to everybody.
Iman: I am so kind to people.
Isaac: I am a friend to the people in my class.
Tatenda: I think of positive thoughts.
Daud: I am funny.
Benjamin: I am smart.
Lucy: I am kind.
Davide: I am friendly.
Jacob: I am honest.
Harleigh: I am nice.
Florence: I am always nice to my family.
Alisha: I am wonderful.
Phoeve: I am fun.
Alan: I am kind to my family and friends.

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Getting Those Muscles Moving!

In Year 3, we’ve been exploring the human body. This week, we learned about muscles and tendons before seeing them in action. We participated in different activities that worked each of the muscles around our bodies, from biceps to quadriceps.

Following that, we set up for and investigated how different body parts work. We explored four different investigation questions:
• Do people with longer legs run faster?
• Can shorter people do a forward roll faster?
• Do people with smaller feet balance better?
• Can people with longer arms throw further?

What did you find out? Comment below!

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Studying Structures

We’ve been very busy in D&T today! We used a range of materials to explore different structures and suitable shapes that meet the purpose of our designs.

After exploring creating structures using different materials, we learned that a structure can be made stronger with three helpful tips:
• Make sure that you have a strong foundation (base).
• Triangles are stronger than squares.
• Don’t stick bricks directly on top of each other.

… All of this helpful research will definitely help us with our project in upcoming weeks, though we definitely had some fun along the way!

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Mapping Out Europe

In Geography, we’ve been discussing the countries and geographical features across Europe. We explored the capital cities and recapped the difference between physical and human features, before creating our own key to reference when locating rivers, mountains and lakes on our own maps of Europe!

After mapping out the different features, we challenged ourselves as a whole class to locate 42 different European countries, which we were able to do!
Well done, Onyx Class!!

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Researching Female NASA Scientists

This morning, we’ve been busy with researching two well-known women who worked for NASA: Katherine Johnson (1918 – 2020) and Mae Jemison (1956 – Present). We are going to explore the similarities and differences in their lives, which will inform our biography writing in the next couple of weeks.

Comment below a fact you have learned about either Katherine Johnson or Mae Jemison!