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Our pizzas can’t be topped!

We made some delicious pizzas last week, which used some of the skills we learnt such as chopping and grating to make our pizzas. Some of the children brought in different toppings to add to their pizzas too make them unique and delicious to them!

We hope they enjoyed their pizzas!

A small pizza joke for you: What do you call a puppy that likes pizza? A pupperoni

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Marvellous magnets

We have been learning about magnets and forces this term . We experimented with bar magnets and we learnt about the north and South Pole of a magnet. We learnt that opposite poles attract and the same poles repel, also we learnt about the magnetic field using iron filings.

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Westminster Cathedral

28th February 2023

We took our first school trip of the year to Westminster Cathedral, London. Westminster is a Catholic Church and the children were guided around by a very knowledgeable guide, the children behaved very well and were very respectful of the setting they were in. They learnt a lot about the history of the cathedral, the roles and responsibilities of the clergy and lay people who work within the cathedral. They looked at the beautiful, detailed mosaics and were allowed up near the altar to look at the statues and the Cathdera, which, we learnt is a special chair that the Cardinal sits on and it is why a cathedral is called a cathedral. We also took a quick trip to Buckingham palace and had a look at the front of it, the guards and the statue across from the palace!

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February Half term

We have had a very busy half term, full off fun moments and thank you all for your support with this transition. The children have been fantastic at adjusting to their new class and have been working hard to keep up their good work.

Next term, our theme will be Women’s History. We would like the children to write about a women that inspires them. It could be mums, aunts, grandmothers or even someone they have researched such as Mae Jemison, Amelia Earhart and Jessica Ennis-Hill. They can draw a picture to go with it to add to our display.

Please continue to read with the children and encouraging them to use Timetables Rockstars.

A trip to London Zoo

See some Dinosaurs at the Horniman museum

Other things at the Horniman Museum

Explore, build and play at the National Gallery

We hope you have a relaxing and fun half term!