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Recipe for Fruit Salad

We made some ”berry” delicious fruit salads a few weeks back, using our knife skills we learn last half term. We mixed in lots of tasty fruits and had a tasty and healthy treat to take home.

“Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.”

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Welcome to Jet class pizzeria!

Jet class pizzeria is now open for orders!

We have studied nutrition all term and have learnt lots about healthy eating and being safe in the kitchen! We have looked at where food comes from and why certain foods are better for us. Our pizzas used our grating and chopping skills that we learnt in the first half term.

Bon appetite!

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X marks the spot

In Geography we are looking at fieldwork and drawing maps of the school. The children have gone around the school looking at the buildings and how many rooms we have. They then used cubes to block out the shape of the buildings and then draw around them. They then created a key and labelled their maps.

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May the Magnetic force be with you!

This term we are studying magnets and forces. This week, the children investigated whether or not some materials are magnetic. They had to decide in groups what was the best way to complete the investigation and then record their results. They also had fun exploring the classroom looking for magnetic objects.

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World Book Day!

We have had such a fun World Book Day, lots of fun activities and dressing up as our favourite book characters. There were a few princesses, lots of superheroes, Rodrick, Tintin, Matilda, Fantastic Mr Fox, a fairy, The Grinch, a cat in a hat and Wally if you can find him!

” The more you read, the more things you will know, the more you learn, the more places you will go.” ~Dr. Suess

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Stoneage Builders

Last half term, we were looking at the Stoneage and how life changed through the different periods. We looked at how housing changed from caves, to tents made of animal hide to stone houses with straw roofs.

We made our own sculptures of the style of houses of the Neolithic period of the Stoneage. We learnt how to score the pieces of clay and wet it a bit so it stuck together and didn’t fall apart. We used lots of different techniques such as rolling it into a ball, rolling it into a sausage, cutting it and making holes in it and sticking it back together.

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Busy Beebots

We learnt to use directional language with the Beebots today. Jet class learnt how to create shapes like squares or rectangles using turns and steps. In groups they practised how to use the Beebot and tried to complete an obstacle course and programming them to complete it successfully. It took many tries and eventually a whole class effort to get the Beebot corruptly across the course.

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Project: Build a park

In DT this term, we have been looking at designing a park using freestanding structures. And after weeks of research, the children were able to design, plan and draw a birdseye view of their parks two weeks ago and have built a 3D model of their parks, using joins and attachments they had learnt, they were able to create sturdy structures that fit the design brief given to them.

The completed parks below