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Spellings for 02/12/22

This week’s spellings include the prefixes mis- and re-, which we will be exploring in our English lessons this week. Practice the root word before including the prefix in a different colour to help you remember the spelling.

  1. recalculate
  2. rebuild
  3. retry
  4. retake
  5. reapply
  6. reappear
  7. remodel
  8. revisit
  9. misremember
  10. miscalculate

2 thoughts on “Spellings for 02/12/22

  1. Hi, just so you know, only the first 8 spellings show on this email but if you go onto the blog, there are two more spellings!


  2. ?Dear Katja,

    It’s so lovely to hear that Eleni would like to submit something to this. Ms Correya, our Federation Art Leader has already signed both schools up. However, she tells me if you are having any trouble uploading if you being the artwork into school with the information below, she will happily submit it for you.

    Required information:

    Name of child

    Age of child

    School year



    Paragraph about why they created it

    List of materials/media used – eg. watercolours on paper

    Best wishes,


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