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Onyx Class: Love Myself

In Onyx Class, we have been writing positive affirmations about ourselves.
Here are some of the things that we love about ourselves:

Princess: I am a kind person.
Amelia: I am creative.
Amari C: I will always care for my friends.
Amari D: I am careful with my games.
Anais-Elise: I am a really, really good friend that is calm.
Edward: I am kind.
Saphire: I am so so so so happy and kind to people.
Taylor: I am lovely to everybody.
Iman: I am so kind to people.
Isaac: I am a friend to the people in my class.
Tatenda: I think of positive thoughts.
Daud: I am funny.
Benjamin: I am smart.
Lucy: I am kind.
Davide: I am friendly.
Jacob: I am honest.
Harleigh: I am nice.
Florence: I am always nice to my family.
Alisha: I am wonderful.
Phoeve: I am fun.
Alan: I am kind to my family and friends.


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