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Geography Home Learning

Last week we began to learn about the country of Japan. Can you remember any of the geographical features of Japan?

This week we are going to be learning about Japan’s physical features.

These are features that are entirely natural, not man-made, such as:

Last week we discovered the following physical features:


Use your research skills to find examples of any other physical features found in Japan such as: rivers, mountains, forests, beaches, seas, volcanos

Find the answers to the following questions and post your answer on the blog:

•What is Japan’s highest mountain? How high is it? 

•Is there anything special about it?

•What is Japan’s longest river? How long is it?

•How many islands make up the country of Japan? 

•What is the biggest island? 

•On which island is Tokyo located?

•How is the weather different in Japan to the U.K.?


How is this place different to where I live?

Explain the differences between Japan and the U.K. in terms of physical features.

2 thoughts on “Geography Home Learning

  1. Hello everyone
    What did you enjoy in geography?
    I enjoyed finding out about Japan.
    One thing that I found out was that
    there are 60 active volcanos. 🌋
    Have a lovely rest of the day. 😊 🌷

    From Polly. 😋 Good bey.

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