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Geography Home Learning 24/11/20

LI: To explore the country of Japan

What do you know about the country of Japan? Use an atlas or the link below to answer the following questions:

Which continent is Japan in?

Is it above or below the Equator?

Which oceans/seas are located near Japan?

What are the main islands of Japan called?

What is the capital city of Japan?


Do you have any questions about Japan? What would you like to find out? Jot these down and we’ll see if can answer them!

Let’s learn some Japanese, here is a guide to counting from 1-10:

7 thoughts on “Geography Home Learning 24/11/20

  1. Hi Mr.Rushton! I’ve learnt lots of new thing about Japan.I loved the Ryan vídeo now I can speak lots of Japan! Speaking new languages is very fun too.Especially hard languages!By the way the capital of Japan is Tokyo. I got a question is Tokyo big or small? 🤔🤔. Larissa


  2. Hi Mr .Rushton
    At this moment I’m putting up my Christmas decorations up in my room😄
    I really enjoyed geography espasialy when we were useing the atlses😁 bye for now!👋


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