Spring Week Two – Spellings

Please practise the following spellings in your reading diary this week. There will be a spelling test on Thursday 17th January 2019 

Homophone of the week




Year 3 spellings





Spelling rule: prefix auto-






Mental  Maths practise:

Please recap your 4 and 8 times tables.

 Optional Maths Challenge:

We have been learning about statistics in maths this week.


1.  What does this bar chart tell us?

screen shot 2019-01-10 at 16.21.17


2. How many people thought that Oranges are the nicest fruit?


3. How many more people like Blueberries than those that like Kiwifruit?





Dear Onyx Class,

Dear Onyx Class Children and Parents,

I just wanted to say an enormous thank you for the gifts, cards and kind words I received this week. I was completely overwhelmed by all the kindness you showed me!

I will miss teaching you all so much, but I know that you will all go far and achieve incredible things!

I will be staying in contact with a few members of staff at Heaver’s – so I am sure I will hear amazing things about you all!

I will miss you!

Mr Perrin


Holiday Homework

There will be no set spellings or math work for Year 3 children during the Christmas break. Please do, however, make sure you continue to read every day and record what you have learnt in your reading diary.  We will be checking these as usual upon return in the new year and yellow cards will be handed out if reading has not been kept up.

Wishing you all a fun-filled Christmas break!

The Year 3 Team

Image result for inspirational reading quote


Sharing our stories with Year 2

Having finished our stories, we decided to hijack Year 2’s English lesson to share our work with them. We had a lot of fun and it was lovely to read our stories to a real audience.

Below are some pictures of Jet Class reading to Amber Class. Thank you for your hospitality, Amber Class!

Winter Art

Here are some pictures from last week’s festive Art lesson in Jet Class! Thank you to all the parents who came to see the work we’ve been doing this term, it was lovely to see you.

Homework due Monday 17th December 2018

Please practise the following spellings in your reading diary this week. They are all words we have learnt this term. There will be a spelling test on Friday 21stDecember 2018. Some follow a spelling rule whilst others are year 3 spellings.

Prefix words-







Year 3 words







Mental  Maths practise:

Please practise your 4 and 8 times tables.

Optional Maths Challenge:

We have been learning about analogue and digital clocks in maths this week.

Task 1: Can you read these clocks and then put them in order from the earliest time to the latest time?

09:35               01:52               11:24               08:45               03:17               04:18             12:21

Task 2: Write up your Saturday schedule and explain what you did at different points during the day eg:

07:05 – Woke up

08:30 – Went to  football training

10:25 – Played in the garden with my younger brother


Sharing our stories!

For the last few weeks, year 3 have been writing stories about the short film, The Present.

Today, after lots of hard work, year 3 visited year 2 to share their stories. The children thought their expression and tone and read the stories aloud to the year 2 children.

Well done year 3!


Last week, year 3 were thinking about how different disabilities do not stop people from following their passions. We looked at artists who created amazing pieces of art, despite having disabilities.

We then created art in a variety of way:

    Without vision
    Without the use of our dominant hand
    With our mouths
    With our feet

Check out the pictures below!