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The coronation!

Last weekend, we celebrated the coronation of King Charles the III and Queen Consort Camilla.Charles was crowned on a rainy day, just like when his mother was crowned 74 years ago. It was a regal ceremony, people from all over the common wealth came to help him celebrate.

In art last Friday, we did some art work in celebration of the coronation, inspired by our artist Megan Coyle. We used magazine strips to create collages in the shape of the Kings head.

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Here are some links to practise the work we are doing!

Maths- we are looking at weight and mass

English- information texts

A short comprehension, try to identify which options are formal and which are informal.

Dear/Hello Sir or Madam,

I am writing to let you know/inform you that a pizza I was unlucky enough/had the misfortune to order at your restaurant was despicable/rubbish.

The cheese was flavourless/gross, the tomatoes gone off/rotten, and the base chewy as rubber/impossibly tough.

Never will I eat at your establishment/joint again. Not only was the food pants/terrible, but the waiting staff were snooty/aloof, and I had to wait two hours for my grub/dinner!

demand/want a refund, to be paid now/immediately.

Yours faithfully/Cheers,


Science- topic is Rocks

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Happy Easter holidays!

So we have come to the end of another term, it has been full of fun, learning new things and we even went on a trip. We played handball against selsdon ( and I thought we definitely beat them) but we played with great sportsmanship and took any losses well.
On to next term, I hope we come back from the holidays refreshed and relaxed and ready to learn! We keep up the good behavior and look forward to trips we have coming up.
The year three team hopes you have a wonderful, exciting holiday and we will see you soon!

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Story/writing prompts for the holidays

Here are a selection of prompts for you to write stories on.

  1. A friend from another country is going to swap schools with you. Write a letter telling them what to expect.
  2. Describe a day in your life if you were famous.
  3. You discover a trapdoor in your house. What lies beneath?
  4. If I had a superpower it would be…
  5. If you could invent anything, what would it be?
  6. Write a story where a boring, everyday experience gets turned into a big adventure.