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Hello Year 3!


Each day we will post an activity for English, Maths and Guided Reading. We will also post one other activity based on art, PSHE, Spanish, D&T, history, R.E. or science.

Contact Us

If you want to ask us anything, or share some of your child’s work, feel free to contact us here year3@heaversfarm.croydon.sch.uk. Just be sure to write the class and child’s name in the subject line.

The Year 3 team.

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Guided Reading: 09.07.20

Today we will plan an autobiographical poem inspired by the story No Mirrors In MyNana’s House by Dr. Ysaye M. Barnwell.

Independent Activity

For our activity today, we gather ideas for an autobiographical poem describing their traits, needs and feelings using the given template.

Wondering about personality traits? This video of adjectives may help get you started!

Tomorrow we will use the organizers to create autobiographical poems! 😀

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Maths: 09.07.20

In today’s lesson we will be looking at division questions that will require us to use the Bus Stop Method.

The Bus Stop Method takes : 96 ÷ 3 = ??  and turns it into:

A close up of a clock

Description automatically generated
There are three components: Our divisor (in this case 3), our dividend (in this case 96) and our quotient

You will often hear, “how many times does 3 go into 9?”  What we are asking is:  How many multiples of 3 are needed to reach the number 9 (in our 10s column).

We can count this out aloud and on our fingers.

3,  6,  9

There are three multiples of 3 that go into 9.

A close up of a clock

Description automatically generated

How many multiples of 3 are needed to reach the number 6 (in our 1s column).

3,  6

There are two multiples of 3 that go into 6

A close up of a clock

Description automatically generated

Our quotient is the number 32.

What happens if our dividend cannot be divided equally by our divisor? 

Let’t take this example.

How many multiples of 4 make the number 8?

There are 2 multiples of 4 that make the number 8

How many multiples of 4 are there in 7?

There is only 1 multiple of 4 that goes into 7. There is a remainder of 3 (three 10s) that must be brought over to our ones column. Now we have 32 ones.

How many multiples of 4 are there in 32?

Our quotient is: 218



Solve the following questions using the Bus Stop Method.



Have a go at solving these division questions where we have a 3-digit dividend.

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Spanish – 09/07/20

¡Hola year 3!

Today we are going to look at the different ways you can greet people in Spanish, and what situations you might use them in!

Let’s remind ourselves of how we say hello in Spanish. Try to pronounce them correctly as you read them (click on the greeting to open a new window with the correct pronunciation on it).


Buenos dias.Good morning.
Buenas tardes.Good afternoon.
Buenas noches.Good evening.

Like in English, it’s polite to ask people how they are after you’ve said hello to them.

Unlike English there are different ways to ask people how they are and it depends on whether the situation is formal or informal. Let’s look at some formal Spanish greetings. These are the type of greetings you would use with Mrs Papas!

Formal greetings

¿Cómo está?How are you?

You wouldn’t talk this way with your friends though, because you know them really well and are close to them! To your friends you would say things like “What’s up?” or “How’s it going?”. Let’s looks at some informal Spanish greetings.

Informal greetings

¿Qué tal?How are you?
¿Cómo andas?What’s up?
¿Cómo va?How’s it going?
¿Cómo estás?How are you?

(Spanish speakers, why not give us some more greetings in the comments that I haven’t included here!)


Watch this video to see what we’d like you to do today!

Let’s see if we can guess what kind of situation these people are greeting each other in! Answer either formal or informal, and translate what they are saying.

  1. A mother says “¡Hola! ¿Qué tal?” to her child?
  2. A doctor says to their patient “Buenos dias. ¿Cómo está?”
  3. A friend greets another friend with “Buenos noches. ¿Cómo estás?”

Now let’s try thinking of our own greetings! Answer the next three questions with an appropriate greeting given the situation. Use the tables above or any greetings our Spanish speakers have put in the comments.

Answer the questions by first saying hello and then asking them how they are, but make sure your response matches the situation!

  1. Meeting a friend at school (informal).
  2. Talking to your headteacher (formal).
  3. Seeing your neighbour (informal)


Tim has gone to see his headteacher in a formal situation. He has greeted them like this:

“¡Hola! ¿Cómo andas?”

Have they used an appropriate greeting? What did they do right or wrong? Explain your answer.

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English – 09.07.20

Good morning Year 3!Since the start of the lockdown back in March, due to the coronavirus, it has not been easy or normal for us to be at home for such a long time. Many people have not been able to see their family, friends or go anywhere and have felt very isolated, lonely and sad.  There are also some members of our community who are elderly and they, like us have also faced feeling lonely and have not been able to see some members of their family, if not any at all.It would be so good to give some happiness and joy to these elderly residents who live in a care home in our local community, by writing them a friendly letter so that they know that there are children thinking about them. As we have recently looked at letter writing, it would be a good opportunity for you to practise some of the skills that you have gained by writing a short letter to these residents, who will be so excited to receive your letters.


To plan a formal letter to the residents of Acacia Care Centre.  You can also draw a picture at the end.

You may want to include the following bullet points:


Which greeting will you use, formal or informal?

Dear Residents at Acacia Care Centre

Paragraph 1

  • Who you are?
  • You could talk about how you have been feeling during lockdown
  • You could talk about what you have been doing, for example home school learning
  • You could talk about your family and friends
  • Favourite subjects
  • What do you like or dislike?

Paragraph 2

  • Your favourite food
  • Favourite TV programmes, story books
  • What are your hobbies
  • What have you missed doing?
  • What are you looking forward to doing when you come out of lockdown?

Paragraph 3

You could ask the residents some questions, such as:

  • What do you like doing?
  • Do you have a favourite book you like to read?
  • Do you have a favourite programme you like to watch?

Sign off

Remember this must be in bullet point format only because you are planning today and will write the letter on Friday

Below is a Writing Word Mat to support your writing

Screenshot 2020-07-08 at 01.28.27

From the Year 3 Team. 

How Do People Spend Their Time In A Care Home?

From the year 3 Team.

Have A Nice Day GIFs | Tenor



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Pearl Class – 09.07.20.

Good Morning my lovely Pearls,

I hope that you are enjoying the interesting weather this Thursday!

Here is a quote from Mahatma Gandhi to inspire you throughout your day:

Be the change that you wish to see in the world.

I cannot believe that we are just a few days away from the final week of the Summer Term. What a year it has been! I have spoken with some of you already this week, however it will be the final time that I will be speaking with all of you on the telephone as your year 3 class teacher. I will definitely miss each and every one of you.

I have been so amazed at how hard you have worked during the year and though the challenging time that you have faced trying to complete your work at home, with the help and support of your families. You have been resilient and persevered through this difficult time with little complaint. I am extremely proud of you and how you have handled and accepted this difficult situation. All of you have kept smiles on your faces, and made me smile through your comments and the wonderful learning that you have sent in to the year 3 teachers, and you have shown me just how much you have grown up over the last year. You should be very proud of what you have achieved. I believe if you can get through these challenging times, then you will do brilliantly in year 4.

Next week, your new year 4 teacher will be giving you a call. This will be a great opportunity for you to say hello, introduce yourself and get to know your new teacher. Try not to be shy on the phone and surprise your new teacher by thinking of an interesting fact about yourself to share with them when you speak on the telephone.

Don’t relax just yet as we still have one more week of learning to get through. Please remember to do as much of the activities that you can each day, and take a picture of your learning and then attach it to an email and send it to me using year3@heaversfarm.croydon,sch.uk.

Please remember to:

  • make comments on the blog via the daily activities,
  • make comments on the blog via the Good Morning blog (riddles/brain teasers),
  • make comments and respond to this weekly blog,
  • send in your learning so that I can put it on the blog,
  • send me an email if you have any question or queries,

Work to be proud of!

A big shout out goes to Malaika for sending in some of her Maths learning that she has completed.

Please stay in touch with me by sending a comment in response to this blog. This could be a message to the rest of the class, or just to say goodbye.   Parents can send me an email too.  We are here for all of you and if you would like to talk or have any concerns, send me an email using year3@heaversfarm.croydon,sch.uk or call the school 0208 653 5434.

Each morning the year 3 teachers will send out a Good Morning post that we welcome you to respond to by making a comment.  When you do this you can earn some House Points.

Ms Royal.

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Good Morning year 3 – 9.07.20

Well done and congratulations to everyone who answered yesterday’s riddle correctly! The answer was… Trouble!

Here is the riddle for today!

What is full of holes but still holds water?

Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 15.12.46

There will be 20 House Points awarded to the student (in any class) who can guess the correct answer!

Remember to reply to this post and answer the riddle.  Good Luck!


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Social Distancing – 09.07.20

Good Morning year 3! 

Today, we are going to continue to think about how we have been trying to keep ourselves safe by following social distancing.

Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus around the world, we have all had to engage in social distancing measures while we have been staying away from school – at home. Some of us have had to carry out social distancing while going back to school in small bubbles, or while out shopping or even whilst going out for a gentle stroll in the local park. We have all had to do it! We have all been in it together!

Listen to this story that details how social distancing has affected the daily lives of Oskar, Priya, Jasmine, and Matthew.

In it together!

Can you answer the following questions below:

  1. What has happened to Oskar during the story?

2. What is Matthew’s life like?

3. Can you explain what Priya has been doing throughout the story?

4. What activities has Jasmine been doing ?

5. Who’s life in the story has been similar to your life and why?

Like us, in the end they all had to return to school.

6. Do you have any feelings or concerns about going back to school?

7. What advice or words of comfort can you give to any of the children in the story to let them know if it is okay to feel anxious about returning to school?

We are looking forward to seeing your answers to the questions about the story ‘In It Together”

Email to year3@heaversfarm.croydon.sch.uk.

Year 3 Team.

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Guided Reading: 08.07.20

Today we will answer a question based on the book No Mirrors In My Nana’s Houseby Dr. Ysaye M. Barnwell.

Independent Activity

In a blog post, respond to the following:

Why do you think there were no mirrors in her Nana’s house? Use details from the story to support your response. 



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Maths: 08.07.20

Good morning Year 3!

Over the next two days, we will be looking at different ways to perform division.

Let’s look at the following example:

Kareem, Peter, Tina and Magda had an equal share of the 36 sweets.  How many did they have each?

In today’s activity, you will need to show us how you will demonstrate answers to questions like the above using:
– words
– pictures
– numbers
– objects
– other ways

Here is how you might wish present your work:

-(Words). There are 4 people sharing 36 sweets.  If I divide the 36 sweets equally amongst the 4 people, each person would get 9 sweets.  I placed one sweet in each of my 4 groups and kept going until there were no sweets left.



36 ÷ 4 = 9 (Dividend ÷ Divisor = Quotient)

-(Objects). You could use things from around the house!

(Other ways) Ex. Repeated subtraction, Number lines.


Show us how you could answer the questions using
– words?
– pictures?
– numbers?
– objects?
– other ways?


What methods of division do you find easiest and why?

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Hi Ruby Class – 08.07.20


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I hope you are well and keeping happy. Ruby class, you only have 7 school days left to the end of year 3. I can imagine that you are all so looking forward to your summer holidays and taking a break from doing the activities. I am looking forward to talking to you all this week, to see how you are doing. I’ve been back at school as well as being at home planning activities for you which I hope you are still enjoying.

Thank you to those children who have sent in some of their work to show the class.





image[3]. .image[4]


IMG_1097. IMG_1099



ART - 06.07.20

Quiz Science

Screenshot 2020-07-07 at 23.25.32

Screenshot 2020-07-07 at 23.44.11

Screenshot 2020-07-07 at 23.27.50


Guided Reading (02.07.20)Social Distancing - (02.07.20)


Screenshot 2020-07-07 at 23.53.54

Screenshot 2020-07-07 at 23.54.11


ART - 03.07.20


Lots of love,

Ms Weithers

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