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Spellings for 02/12/22

This week’s spellings include the prefixes mis- and re-, which we will be exploring in our English lessons this week. Practice the root word before including the prefix in a different colour to help you remember the spelling.

  1. recalculate
  2. rebuild
  3. retry
  4. retake
  5. reapply
  6. reappear
  7. remodel
  8. revisit
  9. misremember
  10. miscalculate
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What Was Stonehenge Built For?

This afternoon, Year 3 explored the different theories that surround the mysterious Stonehenge. We read through the range of evidence available and thought like historians to come to our own conclusions about it.

We also had a go at building our own miniature versions of Stonehenge, which didn’t take nearly as long as the pre-historic people would have taken (They took over 1000 years to finish Stonehenge!) and with much smaller resources. Did you know that the stones used are over 4m tall and 4000kg – Colossal, indeed!

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Mirror, Mirror in my Hand…

We’ve learned that light travels in straight lines in our Science lessons and this week, we put that knowledge to the test using a mirror to guide us along lines on the playground.

The (slightly less than we’d like) light from the sun reflected onto the shiny, smooth, flat surface of the mirror, which reflected into our eyes to show our reflection – but it was mirrored and made following the lines without looking particularly challenging!

We have also set up an investigation to find out the effects of ultraviolet light. Watch this space for the results, but in the meantime, comment your predictions below!