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Spellings to be tested 23/4/21

This week Year 3 you have been given 3 weeks to learn 19 words!

Use a dictionary to find the meanings of unfamiliar words and practice using them in sentences on Seesaw.

Comment on this post and explain the meanings of some of your spellings words.

Test yourself, how many did you get right?

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Telling the Time

After the Easter break Year 3 will be moving on to measurement including telling the time.

In order to support the children with this, here are some games and activities that can allow the children to explore and practice telling the time over the Easter break.





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Hour of Code

This term Year 3 have been using Hour of Code to practice their programming skills.

Over the holidays children can use the website to explore all of the fun activities there to practice their coding and debugging skills.


Activities include Star Wars, Minecraft, Dragon Blast and more!

Have fun and comment on this post to let you teachers what you’ve been upto.

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Skeletons and Muscles

This week Ruby class have been exploring the purpose of a skeleton. We found out that you need a skeleton to provide support, protect your organs and to help you move. Muscles help you to move, digest food and breathe.

We made our own skeletons using cotton buds and gave them all names including Bony and Bob!

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Nature Sculptures

Ruby class were looking at the work of artists such as Andrew Goldsworthy, Raku Inoue and Peter Shilling as inspiration to create our own nature sculptures.

These sculptures are designed to be recycled and returned back to nature. Didn’t the children do a great job?